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Benefits of Employee Drug Testing at Workplace

Drug or alcohol abuse is one of the major concerns for many of the employers in United States of America. According to the 2010 National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health (NSDUH), among 56.6 million adult binge drinkers and 16.5 million heavy drinkers, around 74% were employed either part time or full time. When it comes to illicit drugs, of 20.2 million drug users aged 18 or older, 13.3 million (65.9%) were employed.

These statistics clearly state that it is very important to identify and filter drug or alcohol abusing employees. Here are few more reasons for making drug testing a mandatory policy at workplace.

Ensures safe and healthy environment Employees working under the influence of drugs are prone to accidents as drug abuse is known to cause short-term memory problems, impaired thinking, loss of balance and coordination and decreased alertness. They will not only hurt themselves, but also some of their co-workers or other visitors at workplace. Employees under the influence are often aggressive and violent.

They often commit violent crimes to get money to purchase drugs. Hence, in order to ensure safe and healthy work environment, an employer should conduct drug tests to detect and eliminate drug abusing employees.

Enhances employee productivity Many studies have already proved that substance abusing employees are less productive as they will be mentally and physically impaired due to drug abuse. They are also prone to diseases, injuries and accidents. These factors directly affect the employees performance. Drug testing helps the employer to identify and replace drug abusing employees with healthy employees. This ultimately results in increased employee productivity.

Reduces liability claims Apart from being late or absent and less productive at work, drug abusing employees are more likely to file workers compensation claims. This causes additional financial burden on the organization. Such situations can be eliminated with the help of drug testing, which helps to find out the abusers and keeps them away from the company.

Avoids reputational risks Drug or alcohol abusing behavior of employees damages the reputation of the company, particularly if it is from hospitality or service industry. Drug abusing behavior of employees shows


Retirement Income Calculators – Brief Introduction

Retirement income is very important for the people who are about to get retired. Every company or organization follows different retirement income calculators. A comprehensive retirement calculator will consider taxes, expenses, pension income, social security and various other factors that can influence your income. Now let’s take different ways of income calculator in to consideration. Detailed Retirement Calculator A large amount of the free don’t precisely tax different sources of income and don’t give you permission to input different retirement dates for one next of kin verses another. The exemption to this is ES Planner Basic. Even though not the most visually interesting, nor the most comprehensible, from an accurateness point of view, it is among the one best.

This is a vigorous which designed to help you conclude.

How much you can spend each month the availability.

There are chances that your money /saving will last throughout your retirement period. One of the best features of this is that it has a built in withdrawing analysis which assist you figure out how your investments will grasp up under a range of market conditions. Motley Fool’s In order to use this detailed retirement income calculator you need to get ready with all your financial information ready. You will require an approximating expected inflation rate, tax rate and the rate of return on any sort of investment and also the guise of any other income you have planned to have and also the living expenses.

Another robust which will assist you to approximate how well you’re saving plan is making you ready for the retirement. First it will tell you how much you need, then your chances of achieving them. And if in case you fall short of it you will be provided with some suggestion and advice for improving your plan. Vanguard This is with graphs and slide bars at the same time this is fun.

This is a very simple and easy , one page and will help or tell you how long a lump sum of money will last on the whole how

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Salary Range for Criminal Justice Careers

The salary range for criminal justice careers vary greatly, from around $25,000 a year for a career as a bailiff to a six-figure salary for a successful lawyer. The education and training required for these different careers also varies widely. If you work for a government agency, you will be able to increase your pay as you work your way up through the ranks and show merit at each particular level. In the private sector, on the other hand, experience, education and skill will increase your earnings.

Many factors determine the salary range for criminal justice careers. The following information should, however, help to identify the salary range for some of the most popular criminal justice careers:

Customs Agent

This entry level career involves the safety and security of items being shipped and luggage being brought into the United States. Your career as a customs agent may require you to question and sometimes even arrest suspects, often in an airport setting. The salary ranges from $23,000 to $45,000 annually.

FBI Agent

If you dream of becoming an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigations, you will have your work cut out for you. This career requires a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice in most cases, as well as specialized training and security clearance. Your career will take you to dangerous environments and crimes, ranging from white-collar to terrorism. FBI salaries range from $50,000 up into the six-figure range.


If you want to work in the field of law but dont want to go through the expensive, lengthy and stressful schooling and testing required to become a lawyer, you should consider becoming a paralegal. This legal profession requires at least an associates degree, and many employers show preference to those having a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. The additional education will pay off. Entry level paralegals can earn as little as $22,000, but those with the skills to land a job for a federal department can earn well over $60,000 a year.

Police Officer

When people think of criminal justice, they think of police officers. There are local, regional and federal police departments that you

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Pounds Till Payday – Avail Cash Till Subsequent Salary Day

If you are getting hassled as your next salary day is till too far away and you are left with no money to meet your day to day needs then without thinking twice, just opt for pounds till payday right away. This fiscal service has been especially designed by the financial pundits for salaried class citizens of the country. BY going with this financial service, the borrowers can avail cash till subsequent salary day.

You can easily apply by filling an online application form, which would be given on the websites of the money lenders. This form is generally no obligation and free of cost. Fill the form with your genuine personal details, after the process of verification. In just 24 hours, the cash advance would get transferred into your bank account.

With pounds till payday, the borrower can arrange credit that falls in the small range of 80 to 1500 that he has to settle in the repayment tenure of 1 to 30 days. The money that comes to you depends on your settlement ability and monetary condition. By putting into use the borrowed sum, one can fulfill several tasks. You can pay the household and utility bills, can pay the kid’s school or tuition fees, can pay the urgent hospital bills, can pay the credit card installments and so on.

The documentation is nil because of the online financial transaction. You would not be put into any filling or faxing of papers that is not even required in the process of money lending by the money lenders.

With no time-consuming credit check process, there is no need for the borrower to give any credit confirmation. Each and every repayment stained credit score such as IVA, CCJs, missed payment, late payment, payment overdue, bankruptcy, foreclosures, arrears, insolvency and so on are complete non-issues.

Trevor Williams is working as a financial consultant for Same Day Payday UK. To find pounds till payday, payday loans over 6 months, 6 month payday loans and payday loans no faxing.

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Your Resume can Secure a Salary Beyond your Expectations

Because every single candidate submits their resume with the same mandate, it is critical that you provide an employer with the kind of information that makes them want to meet you personally. Your resume is your ‘Golden Ticket’. It is the only way that you can secure that all important meeting and give yourself an opportunity to demonstrate on a face to face basis the certain contribution you can make for a new employer.

Understanding an employer’s requirements is of paramount importance when creating a resume and cover letter. That is not to say that you develop a resume that only responds to a specific job specification or advertisement. It means that you need to understand the employer’s requirements and demonstrate where your experience and expertise has met each of these requirements for a previous employer. It means matching your knowledge and abilities to the position and demonstrating an ability to make an immediate and significant contribution.

Employers want to hire employees who can think on their feet and who have a proven ability to hit the ground running. Your resume must reflect this. It must blend your professional experience with the very characteristics that are inherent to you personally. It is this mix that will market you as a candidate of choice and generate that all-important interview.

Remember, your resume really does count so you have to take it seriously. Don’t underestimate the power of your resume in your job search or salary negotiations. The salary negotiation is obviously the most unpleasant part of the job searching process. It is difficult to negotiate terms for both salary and benefits as you strive to create a positive impression with a new employer. The hiring manager undoubtedly holds the cards in this situation as they can afford to set terms without losing face. The candidate who argues or stubbornly refuses to move within the negotiation process risks the wrath of the hiring manager before setting foot inside the door. For this reason, it is critically important that your resume determine a solid baseline. If your resume sets your salary at a higher