Interpretation and Translation As Professions

Translation and interpretation services are commonplace in different government offices. This is because of different situations which would require the skills of a professional interpreter or a translator.

However, other than in government offices, there are also a number of freelance interpreters and translators as well as companies that offer these services in which the government had also outsourced this service to a private company.

Interpretation and Translation: As Professions Interpretation and translations are terms widely used to define a process of which a person translates or interprets one language into the other. Although similar in terms of process and goal, interpretation and translation are different terms which cannot be interchanged with each other.

The difference between interpretation and translation is that interpretation mostly deals with oral interpretation such as the use of the mouth or even the use of sign language. Translation, on the other hand, involves the translation of one language to another language through documents or in other forms of text.

Other than the definition of its terms, these terms are also different professionally. Other than just its different in its practices, Interpretation and translation services are also different from each other.

Different Interpretation Services Unlike translation, interpretation involves a number of services from simultaneous interpretation to consecutive interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation involves interpreting the source language while the speaker is still speaking. This service is mostly seen in different international summits such as in the UN. Consecutive interpretation, on the other than, involves interpreting the message understandable to the target language only after the speaker had finished speaking. This method is usually easier due to the fact that interpreters can have the time needed to formulate the accurate interpretation of the source language into the target language.

Other popular interpretation services include the liaison interpretation, whispered interpretation, and the relay interpretation.

Different Translation Services Unlike interpretation services, translation services usually only involves one process, which is to translate the source language into the target language through text to text. However, they can usually offer different services from as simple as Proofreading and editing service, to as sensitive as medical and legal translation services.

However, although it may seem simpler, being a professional translator may involve a lot of skills and experience, from the ability to understand the etymological and idiomatic relationship between languages, to possessing a keen sense of when to metaphrase (“translate literally”) and when to paraphrase. These attributes requires a lot of skills and years of experience before anyone can easily and accurately translate one language into the other.

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