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Aries: You were born under the sign of Aries and your ruling planet is Mars, which will fill you with energy and enthusiasm to face life. You are a person with many initiatives ready to conquer an important place in this world. Your Sun sign is CARDINAL and this indicates that you were born to lead, either in thought or action. You will never feel completely satisfied in a subordinate position by the ideas of others unless they are part of your aspirations. You will feel comfortable working independently or occupying a position of leadership. Aries is a fire sign, which moves you to be enthusiastic, passionate, spontaneous, a pioneer, to start businesses with some risk and to seek recognition in others. You will have strong ambitions and not settle for less. The fire element will take you to fight tirelessly for your ideals, which will make you sometimes aggressive, impatient or tyrant. You like to be frank, direct and clear with your opinions, which sometimes may create certain problems, but these will not make you change position. You will guard the people you love and you’re always ready for all that you need. Your physical energies are inexhaustible and not beat you to ever look tired. If you play sports, excel in it, if you do not, it would be desirable to incorporate into your daily life some physical activity, otherwise, those energies that are within you, unused, increase your anxiety and aggression. Your personal pride is enormous and sometimes you can see that you are quite easily hurt. Your mission is to open new paths, create businesses, show boldness, exposing your ideas and, most importantly, teach others that success comes when one develops self-confidence and authenticity. To evolve, your spirit needs to learn to control impulsiveness, impatience and selfishness. You must find a way not to be angry and not so easily exploitable. You must also try not to be arrogant, intolerant, sudden, violent, unpleasant, and learn to think of others, considering other ideas and initiatives without thereby losing your courage and pride. Professions governed by Aries: military, police, fire, mechanical, metal-related professions or machines, surgeons, dentists, business executives, athletes, racers, weapons manufacturers, carpenters, all activities that require independent action, initiative and authority. Any adept astrologer can offer predictions on the following- Areas Suitable For Success In Work With Less Hurdles Suitable Mode Of Earning Your Living (Business/Job) Your Highest Period Of Growth/Setbacks Periods When You Should Resist A Change

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